Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I love Halle she is unphased by this song, but gets up and dances and KILLS! She so beautiful inside and out.

Monday, March 30, 2009


She did great the first 10 of the season

"If you see me in a fight with a bear, help the bear"

What?! lol!

Testin out Youtube

Dont laugh! The pimple in the 2nd vid is vicious!

I had a great weekend!

It was so fun besides the bigot I had a lot of fun with Guitar Hero and tanning at the pool! I haven't taken a bath since Friday and I love it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The King Roach

I just killed the biggest roach. Omg it was so damn big! It had these 2 long legs and this brown coat. The nigga hopped out my closet and stopped. I didn't know what to do. So I just froze. I can't step on a roach that's too intimate. So I decided to sneak pass his ass and get the raid. This nigga started walking away. I sprayed him down. He jetted thumping the wall Omg! So he run around the whole room and hit his back. He kept kicking and kicking Omg for like 10 min. he wouldn't die. So I get the broom and gently sweep the thing up. I felt weight on the damn broom. I can't even sleep now. This battle lasted 30-40 min. I feel like shit is crawling on me.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I am the only one that is conciously avoiding twitter? why do i need to know every singl fucking detail of your life?

1:20pm: Wipes ass
12:06pm: I decided to take a shit
11:42am: My stomach is rumbling
11:31am: Eats Mcdonalds

Follow me...?

Like, what? No! This is some "Big Brother" Orson Wells shit. I can't.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This damn VISTA!

I love Vista I like the look of it (glossy!) and its very customizable but this shit is buggy as hell! Get it together Msoft. My laptop is brand new and it stutter then I update it and its fine for like a week, then it gets all clumsy again I don't understand. I hear this Windows 7 is the beez knees though so I can't wait for that I mos def will be updating because I can't deal with this no more.

Pharell Want that Mcgriddle

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think I’m having a Stroke

I ate long john silver's and a checkerburger yesterday and my body is paying me back because im in class and I think I'm having some sort of stroke! I'm literally grabbing at my heart. Lawd have mercy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

8-8-9! GO KIM!

Love Story: The Beginning part 2

  • I'm going to use initials from now on.

Never would I have thought meeting 2 people would change my life so drastically. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm giving anyone too much, but things have changed so much since I met these 2. I am not a really outgoing person I like to stay in my comfort zone. ML is the type that does what he wants and I don't think that will ever change. So when I met it and he invited me to chill with him and DM I was kind of excited. They were very relatable like-minded people as far as music and interest I found myself saying "me too" often. We became close during this fashion show and I never suspected that they were dating, even though I was dropping them off at the same house every night late at night. I was so naïve and a part of me think I was making myself that way. I think I had a crush on both of them which is natural and I feel like they both had and a crush on me, and that's fine until I met CW. CW was too fly nice face, car, body, style, swag, everything u could superficially want from someone he possessed. I was in love. Or at least I thought I was. CW has the cherry y'all, sigh. I was 19 and I don't regret much, but I regret that situation. I will blame it on youth, but I never want my desire to cloud my judgment again, it's a sign a weakness. There was a bit mess Between DM, CW, and I. I feel after I started dealing with him my life changed so much. There was a mix of sexual liberation and social withdrawal. I began lying about my whereabouts, who I was with, what I was doing. And I felt like among my peers I was becoming a ghost, a shell of my former self. Which I was but I was loving it back then. It wasn't and still isn't anyone's business what I was doing. CW had my mind and my body and he didn't take it I gave it to him. A "Grade A" mess! I was introduced to about 3 of his ex's by him. We were walking around claiming I was his cousin to cover up our secret which wasn't really a secret to anyone but me. This around December 2006 by this point I was went to my first gay club, I started smoking, and was neglecting the people around me. DM and ML had broken up by this point and DM wasn't really a part of the group it had gotten quite messy between the four of us. I don't remember anything from that break accept my wisdom tooth causing me so much pain and talking to CW on the phone constantly. Seeds were being planted that winter for the spring.

Keri Hilson: In a Perfect World Review

Hands down the best CD leaked out right now. Keri is a true talent and she fuses pop, RnB, even techno effortlessly. I recommend which is strange because just a couple of weeks ago I wasn't really checking for her too many push backs and too many singles, which is still a problem because you have heard half this CD. Even still what is here is excellent and above average. She is a true talent.

My favorite songs included.




Hello, and welcome to the oh so crazy world of the one and only "Nique_Famous*" here you will find world news, new music and videos, television commentaries and show updates. Fashion, Interior Decor, Original Photography & Poetry that I created myself, and so many other things I do to entertain myself and my readers. I'll start by addressing the fact that whatever I say in here is out of funny and games so please don't take offense to anything you see, I also believe in educating the people so from time to time your see real life topics addressed and I have some amazing readers who post their opinions in comments so check those out. My number one rule is if your become my follower I will follow your blog, but don't demand it of make me feel obligated to join your blog b/c I won't and most likely put you out here on my little space on the web :)

SRY! Part Deux

I am in school so im sorry for the lack of updates I try to come through as often as I can. I plan on blowin this bitch up this weeks so stay tuned!


Happy belated Bday to my girl Portia! Shes 21 but shes been sippin that lean since the cradle.

HBD to my beautiful, lovely, intelligent, amazing, phenomenal cousin Amina Aleah Gilchrist my first and true best friend! We getting old! Love you!

Ciara Love, Sex, and Magic

Love Sex Magic
by BlakMusicFirst

I like this a lot . Ciara is Stunning! My best friend Deon and I were talking last night andhe said that this video is too sexy. There are a bunch of crotch shots and ciara is basically naked for 3 and half minutes, but thats fine it aint for everybody!

Blame it on the Date Rape

I have this theory that Jamie Foxx song is actually about drugging some unsuspecting woman at the club and watching the effects of a date rape unravel. I can't be the only one. Do men actually stand there and just watch a woman as she gets drunk and tells her all the things he going to do to her while she's getting drunk? I don't think so! Either that or it's about some skank at the club getting drunk whatever applies.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i think these thick broads look so cute doing this stupid dance

Michelle Obama and Paula Deen Talking About Pimski

Club Boys

Isn't it crazy how u can have no interest in someone but when you see them in the club they become so attractive. Ive talked to this boy more than a few times and he was a dud but when I saw him in the club there was this attraction. No I wasn't drunk and it wasn't that dark in the club. Maybe its seeing someone in their element. I just find it really strange but sexy which is a great mix to me.

I can’t do it

I'm really trying to sit here and make myself like Lady Gaga. They played her in the club and everyone went crazy and I feel like I should like this song (Just Dance) but I cannot get into this broad. Is something wrong with me? Am I the only one? I understand her style and her song but it's not working. I'm feeling her CD though but I don't think I'm completely sold on her package. I do love the song "Eh Eh" that's probably her best song and less clubby type song.

“She Aint Got Sh!t on Me!”

I'm so ready for Letoya CD. Swing batta batta batta batta! She is slaying! Even though u never come for the other woman when you invest so much and someone and they play u you be ready to juke on a ho. "You a puppy/met a stray/ bringing fleas back home!" She aint got shit on me!

and her not anymore video


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Resident Evil 5/Street Fighter 4 Review

I guess this could be a Capcom review they have been on a roll lately with these 2 games.

Resident Evil 5

First up Resident Evil 5 which is just a stunner in every conceivable way. I am a big fan of its predecessor so there is biased but a good game is a good game. RE5 is set in Africa and the first thing you notice about the game is how beautiful it is. Every detail is there flies swarm around carcasses, sweat beads down brows, dirt even accumulates on the bottom of the Africans feet. It's a lot going on but u never feel out of control which is hard to do nowadays with everyone concerned with flash you forget about details and this game doesn't.

Street Fighter 4

Iono bout this game. It's growing on me. I usually love fighting games. This one isn't clicking with me at all. There is no pick up and play at all. It's pick up and get your ass kicked. Which would be great for a niche fighter but this is STREET FIGHTER everyone should enjoy this. Plus I own the game on the 360 so the controls seem to be off with the horrid d-pad. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who isn't prepared to be completely frustrated trying to figure the fighting system out.

My Spring Break

This will hopefully be my last spring break of my college career. I had fun I was sick most of it. I went on a few dates that mostly ended up well. How come the ones you like never like you? Ehh I take comfort in knowing that there is some parallel universe where I get to play them out, or I can wait a couple of months and do it myself. My mommy bought me a TV 32 inch flat. I don't know why but thanks ma you're the best! I have so much work to get done I'm slightly daunted but it always works out in my favor. I only have a lil over a month of Florida left so let the countdown begin!

Just Thoughts

I'm (3/8/2009) on the path (the train that runs from jersey to NYC) I haven't done this in a min. I'll be leaving fl in a few months and I'm really anxious to cone home. My friend Myya told me not to get "stuck" here. I was taken aback at first but I understood exactly what she meant it's so easy to get attached to places and things. Including people and that's when you get "stuck". I never been that kind of person and I don't think I ever will be. I'm nomadic with my only roots being family and they do an admiral job of keeping me grounded.‏

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love Story: The Beginning pt. 1

Sometimes I sit and think about how much I've changed these past few years. I wasn't always this way. I am naturally a very quiet, mild, meek individual. Since I was a child I have always had a sense of humor that radiated through my quiet shell. I don't know if you follow my blog or not, but I am a gay man. But this isn't about where I am this story is about my past and my evolution. I'm leaving Florida in a couple of months so I think this will be my form of closure as I start a new chapter in my life. It is a sad story, but I think the message is very clear and true. Enjoy!


I'm going to start with the fall of my sophomore year of college.

I had a girlfriend once. A Ms. Darlene Harris, beautiful girl Hershey brown with this long beautiful hair. We were so similar (and still are) that it's not surprising we meshed so well. We separated by distance I was in Florida and she was in North Carolina. That fall she decided to visit me. When she told me my heart kind of skipped a beat. Of course I missed her but I also knew that certain things were expected, sexual things. Darlene and I were not very physical which was my choice; even though I had not been involved with boys at this point I sure as hell knew I wasn't going to be physical with a girl. She came toward the end of October if I the beginning of October if I recall. That same weekend I had bought a large metal piece of shit car, my first. It was a great weekend! I introduced her to my friends from West Palm Beach (more on them later). Of course we slept in the same bed. Nothing happened. Super awkward, but we drank and had fun. I still remember the day she left on the shuttle and I tried to kiss her and I couldn't out of embarrassment so I fumbled around with my mouth and aimed my lips in her general direction. When she got home she asked me why I didn't initiate any thing and I replied, "Why didn't you?" with my smart mouth. And then she said, "I thought you were gay". I know it's strange but that kind of hurt because even if you're gay, and you know when you're gay, when someone implies that you are, there is a pain that hits your gut because you try so hard to conform that when someone sees through your guise it rattles your reality. We left it at that and continued "talking" but I don't think either of us knew what for.

While all this was going on there was an event that I planned on auditioning for called fashion exclusive? A fashion show. I was trying to become more involved that semester and I did. I met most of my current friends at this time. I knew I was going to make the show. I'm cute and I have this swag. It might be a lazy swag but it's a swag a lot of boys in Florida don't possess. This is where I met Deon and Angelo.


I live for these lil' broads. I finally got my DVD and I'm ecstatic! I plan on watching the entire series when I get back to Florida. It's SIX DOUBLE SIDED DVD'S like who does that?

Talking to my Friends

My bff hit me up today and was a little upset about a former flame trying to holla at one of his friends. Now the boy in question has already tried to holla at me but to no avail(I don't think he's that attractive).At first I didn't understand why my friend was mad but, as the conversation progressed and he listed off all the boys I was like yea this boy is using your friend list as a damn dating site. I don't mind friends overlapping but damn there should be a limit. Like when is enough enough? I suggested he go whoop his ass (verbally). What would you do if your ex was trying to run through your friends?

On the Plane

This is a shaky ass flight so if I go down and they find this laptop, I love y'all! Seriously though I'm having fun with this blog thing. It's a nice little escape and it centers me which is good because I'm a mess inside and out. I want to thank everyone that ever came here, left a comment, clicked a link, or supported Me and Alfie in anyway. I don't even know what I'm doing with this thing but I feel like I'm learning everyday and I thank God for this outlet in my life. Much love!

New Jersey is Cold

I'm so scared to step outside. I have absolutely zero winter clothes. My mother is gone on vacation and she left me in this cold ass house. I have dates! I can't be cold and shivering I'm too cute for all that.

Stuck at the Damn Airport

I am an out of state college student. I travel a lot between New Jersey, my hometown, and Florida, my school. 9/10 my aunt schedules my flight because she works for the airport. I've never had trouble with this arrangement until last night when I arrived to a dark, EMPTY Jacksonville airport. First of all I didn't know airports closed. Second why did I call my aunt and tell her there was no flight going out and her response was of course "let me check" followed by "oh shit, I scheduled the wrong flight, you mad?" I could never be mad at my aunts they're amazing, but for like 2 seconds I wanted bite her in the uvula. I ended up at this hotel last night exploring myself. I really needed that money ugh!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Onion: Multiple Stab Wounds May Be Harmful To Monkeys

i think i fell in love with the onion

Monday, March 2, 2009

Solange is Crazy

First of all why is she swingin that damn mic stand all willy nilly and she know she doped up on that codine? i hope whoever got hit with that stand get cut a nice plump check.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Worst Singer from South African Idols

I actually think he can sing!