Friday, August 14, 2009


Some Pics...

Freddy Krueger

A_Nightmare_on_Elm_Street movie poster

If they do this right it could be incredible. Freddy has wit and attacks you in your dreams which automatically makes him 67% more interesting than any other killer out there. They say the new film will take a serious approach to the psychology of nightmares. Sounds good to me! Make it work.


This is my first Fall/Winter in 4 years! I want so much. I'm Just now think how im work this shit out. Maybe I need a job?

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I love Janet

I just had to say that. She's such an Ice Queen yet she can warm your heart with her smile. I just had to say that.

Mass Effect 2 New Character: Thane

I love ME it took me awhile to beat but once it got going you just had to appreciate the attention to detail and the great story. This one looks just as amazing. This character is Thane. That face is fierce!

The Shoulderbrella

96089996267_3.jpg (500×500)

Omg I want one!
I just read the most amazing book. Dancer of Dreams a book about an 18th century plantation owner Hannah Verner who was recently widowed and her ballerina daughter Michele. The book was about following your heart and your dreams. These women didn't listen to what others had to say they were very head strong. And Hannah had a gay best friend Andre who served as comic relief and a bridge between Hannah and her daughter. This is my third book this summer and it's probably the best.

Aaliyah - Back And Forth

Lets get this Friday started RIGHT!