Sunday, April 5, 2009


Have you ever cheated on someone intentionally? I cheated once and I took it kind of hard today I was thinking if it was intentional or not. People know right from wrong and while I was pissy drunk but that is never an excuse. When you cheat on someone you're just asking for trouble but when you don't care there really is no risk involved. Now I've been cheated on countless times I'm still waiting to exhale. I feel like even though you can cheat doesn't mean you should. Shit, my shit is exclusive! I always tell friends why cheat just leave but every circumstance is different I know I've been there.

Computer Love

I find it so fascinating that we can completely be infatuated with someone that we never met. This digital age is crazy because family friends and love can all be found on the internet. It steal seems taboo though. My mom thinks I just meet strangers on the internet and go to their house. Which is not the case it's been done but it's not the norm. Its computer love!

With that mentioned here's a song that fits this post perfectly.

Lil' Kim - Download