Monday, July 13, 2009

22 years old! Omg that's crazy I'm blessed I want to make great strides this year. I gon be on my Dr. Manhattan shit. Kissass.Com coming soon. Money in the bank debt free I need diplomas and accolades. I'm setting goals and then shooting them down with an automatic assault rifle! I'm not playing! Take heed. I'm going to find Jonathan and I'm going to love him uncoditionaly. This will be my last post for a while so stay blessed love u. That's it.
I shaved my legs and they feel amazing
I'm goin to Miami stylin wildin shining in diamonds the size of me ugg
On the plane headed to Miami then Aruba I'm truly grateful thanks Neil! I'm get so tanned!!! Bronzed down!
Happy birthday me!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accept the good
I don't know anything about addiction Kelly
Ugh Halle is killing in this movie. "It should have been you Jerry" how u gon tell somebody they should have died? With a straight face and mean it?
But right now bath and The Emacipation of Mimi!
The reason I'm watching the things we lost in the fire because the moral of the movie is embracing ALL our emotions whether they are god our bad they are ours and they need to be addressed. They took the long way to get to the point but you know how you can sit through the longest movie for that one amazing scene? The scene that ties the whole movie together and just isn't as good out of context? That's why I'm watching this movie I need to see this tonight.
I just didn't realize how sad I was until tonight. On the eve of my birthday I'm not were I thought I would be and I have no idea where I'm going as a man. And I dint want to burden my friends because everyone is out having fun so I'll burden my blog.
I'm feeling real Mariah "one and only-ish" I'm riding home in pain I just drove around for 2 good hours crying. It's raining here so the backdrop was perfect
Maybe it's a birthday depression but I'm bout to watch " The things we Lost in the Fire" people really slept on this movie Halle killed as usual and Del Toro or whatever his name is really shined his performance alone makes this movie amazing
Ugh I hate Lil Sam. He said all I talk about is boys and everytime I go out it's a date. Which is like 88% true. It's so bittersweet here and I hate complaining but I'm feel like I'm deteriorating into nothing. Right now I'm sitting in the car texting my blog a couple days before my birthday. I hope this vacation really helps I feel so unfocused now moreso than ever.
P.s. I hate my life
Why did people give Teairra Mari such a hard time? She's amazing! Pretty. Vocals. Beats. Lyrics. Her songs have this polish to them. I'm just being put on to this Roc-a-Fella presents album so I'm late but music is timeless and she is preaching.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is 50 cent Coming back?

This song is called "Paranoid" its amazing. Just on pointon all levels lyrics, hot beat, content, melody. 50 is going back to square one with this shit. I'M NOT MAD!


Jackson's kids emerge from behind the veil
July 7, 2009, 8:35 PM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- For all the hasty preparations, hand-wringing over security, breathless media competition to scoop details and soul-wrenching performances, the essence of Michael Jackson's memorial service came down to 20 poignant, powerful seconds: the moment when 11-year-old Paris-Michael Jackson inched up to the microphone and, in a statement no one saw coming, referred to the late pop superstar as "Daddy."
It was a remarkably humanizing moment. Then again, it was remarkable just to see Jackson's three children in public to begin with.
A fiercely protective father, Jackson rarely brought his brood out into public, covering their faces in veils and party masks to protect their identity when he did.
Now here they were, unveiled, before an audience of thousands at Staples Center and millions more around the globe. Starting out seated in the front row, the three youngest Jacksons eventually joined the rest family onstage as the two-hour service wound to a close.
Dressed in the same dark suits and yellow ties as the rest of the Jackson men, 12-year-old Michael Joseph Jr., known as Prince Michael, chewed gum and toted the memorial service program; 7-year-old Prince Michael II, known as Blanket, held his program and clutched a Michael Jackson doll.
Paris, wearing a black dress with white trim, turned a small patent-leather purse over in her hands as other family members spoke. And then a dramatic hush fell over the crowd as family members whispered that the little girl, whose lifetime of public exposure amounted to a small handful of paparazzi photographs, Paris-Michael wanted to say something.
She furtively emerged from the tight circle of family members, who rushed to lower the microphone to her level. And with her uncle Randy on one side and aunt Janet on the other, Jackson's little girl stood center stage.
"I just wanted to say," Paris began weakly.
"Speak up, sweetheart, speak up," Janet encouraged, sweeping the girl's long hair back. "And get close."
Paris put one hand behind her neck, another on the microphone, and began again.
"Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine," she said, her tiny voice cracking.
Rebbie and Marlon Jackson moved in closer to comfort their niece. She shut her eyes tight.
Then she wrapped her hands — little fingernails painted red — around the microphone and fought back tears as she continued: "And I just wanted to say I love him — so much."
She collapsed in tears into her aunt's arms.
"It's OK, baby. It's OK," Janet Jackson said as she held Paris close. Prince joined in on the hug.
And all at once, Jackson wasn't the larger-than-life King of Pop, or Wacko Jacko the tabloid freak. He was a doting father who had left three adoring young children behind.
He was "Daddy."

Janet- Lonely

Janet Jackson
Rhythm Nation 1814
LonelyFeeling so alone and desertedWith people standing all around youShould I trust someoneShould I stay off to myselfAlone with no one to talk toIt's such a helpless feelingSo anytime you feel the needCall me when you're lonelyCause everybody needs a friendTo be there when they're lonelySo don't isolate yourselfEvery time that I come aroundA person all aloneIs an unhappy oneWe need somebody near to love usSomeone who caresLiving life all by yourselvesImpossible to do and I'll be there for youAnytime you feel the needCall me when you're lonelyCause everybody needs a friendAnd I'll be yours if you're lonely(And if you're all alone)If you're all aloneAnd a friend you needLike a river flowsYou hurt, I'll bleedIf you can trust in meWe can find a wayTake away the painTime heals all thingsEven a lonely state of mindCause happiness is oh so hard to findIf you're lonely I will be thereSo anytime you feel the needCall me when you're lonelyCause everybody needs a friendTo be there when they're lonely

Teairra MarĂ­ - No Daddy


LeToya Luckett - She Ain't Got Shit On Me [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Work Toya! This and Teiarra Marie "Cause a Scene" stay on heavy rotation!


Beyonce is the most talented female entertainer working right now. She never moved me emotional with her art however but this is truly something special. RIP MIKE

Cha M'on!


Queen Latifa on Michael Jackson

"You believed in Michael and he believed in you. He made you believe in yourself," Queen Latifah told mourners. And in the context of our continuously refracted society, she nailed it.

This pretty much sums up my feelings on Mr. Jackson. He's saw the beauty in the world. I feel like he existed on another plane and just observed our world. He believed in us just we believed in him. We are very fortunate to witness something so amazing. I havent felt this way since Aaliyah died. We mourn because their talent eclisped their actual being.

My Muse

Probably one of the most amzing people on earth.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I see u 98.7 killin this mj mix!!!!!! Rip to the greatest!
I hate this fuckin barbershop I swear this the last time I'm coming here because why is it Friday and only 2 people worki g while there are at least 7 people waiting plus people walkin in with appointments. I would have been left but once u sit somewhere for an hour u might as well se it through to the end. I left my zine at home my fone bout to die and I don't have my book. This shit has got to end.
This boy is amazing yall on some real shit. E
On da fone wit Lenny loving it

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lil Kim- My Favorite Pic

LIL KIM "I'm feeling real sexy and nasty"

tell em Kimberly cuz im ready for your nasty ass

EXCLUSIVE - Michael Jackson Last Rehearsal

Oh mike truly a great performance from a the GREATEST to ever do it a phenomenal man!

Michael Jackson-In the closet For Lenny

Pride 2009- fri

I'm going to have to break this down into multiple post because last weekend was off the damn chain. I'll start with Friday which I completely owe to my good friend William aka Champ. Who came up for the weekend. I'm so happy he got to see his idol Ms Brandy Norewood. Now I never thought brandy was a showstopper but she look great in person her body is on point and her personality was top notch just don't try to use the gay lingo B-Rocka be yourself that's why we love you! So I saw some old friends as well. I don't hold grudges but I also don't put myself in the position to get hurt. When I saw them it was all love even though I thought I would take it harder than that I believe I'm getting my jersey swag back. 4 years away from home alone had me stifled.


Once again thanks Champ! I got you next time! Pics below.


I think they are beautiful. Feelings are as infinite as our universe. Just imagine if we could calculate the distance from love to hate or from joy to depression and everything in between. And on top of that we must try to consolidate our own feelings with the next persons as if its normal. When I look around this little ass apartment and see how many people are crammed into this small space and we still have maintained this level of sanity I realize I witness a miracle every single day. Yea we fight, but shit whole galaxies collide and still keep it moving at the end of the day. Ya feel me?