Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Presidential Press Conference

It was pretty good. I don't even like the man like that but he was regulating addressing the issues head on it give me inspiration. Who was the brother that asked the baseball question though? Like u can ask the King of the world anything and u ask him about Anthony Rodriguez? Is it me or were they going in on Obama and he wasn't having it! He was beating them down like Chris did RiRi

My 3 Children

I don't have a car or a lot of clothes (I'm actually a bum, shhh!) I just buy a lot of little expensive things my 3 favs…
My Phone!
My Zune


He Really Beat Her

Contusions! Bite marks! Devil horns!

Now I have never seen my mother get hit by a man I hope to God I never will, but its something very disturbing about watching a man pummel a woman. I never understood it. Women already go through so much and regardless the "reason" hitting her like that was so unnecessary. I feel like he's going to get away with this. Blacks are very forgiving (R. Kelly), I never really liked Chris Brown he looks like a pony and sings like seagull. However, he is very talented and its disappointing to look at such a talent fall from grace. I can just picture all the lil 8th graders that look up to him beating their girlfriends

Issue #1: Running that Trap

Iono what got into people minds lately, but I feel like everyone is just spewing rude ass, simple ass, loud ass comments to assert themselves or maybe because they feel like people won't say anything. I just cant stand when people talk!

Monica's Sounding a Mess

Lawdy. I love her tho