Saturday, February 28, 2009

FX09: Futuristic

Video from my Fashion Show!

I Also Play Videogames

I am I gamer! I do this with my free time I only on a 360 but I have a few games. I am eagerly awaiting Resident Evil 5 that is my next big purchase if you have XBL my gamer tag is J Robba! Hit me up!

NEW Ciara -Sex, Love and Magic

Poor CiCi she is really trying with this project Fantasy Ride. Every song i hear is hit or miss and sounds like "Goodies" or "Promise" or something inbetween. Here is her latest Sex, Love, and Magic featuring Justin Timberlake. If Janet beget Aaliyah and Aaliyah beget Ciara i feel really bad for every comes after Ciara because this is a mess to me! I love CiCi so much but wat is going on. She needs guidance!

NEW Jennifer Lopez - Hooked On You

J. Lo killed this song at first i hated it (the unmastered version
) but this shit knockes like a poor mans feedback but feedback was flawless in everyway. come back Jen we miss u!

Checkers Drive Thru

So my girls leave the club and they screaming like "I want a cheeseburger! Omg!" It's like 2am, so we end up at checkers in the drive thru. It's a big weekend at my school (FISS I'm not going to spell it out) so the line was supa crazy crowded tell me why we in the damn line for a good hour! I have never. But that sandwich so good it gave me the bubgublies but it was worth it!

Fashion X

So I think I'm a model! Not really, but I recently performed in a fashion show. Now I said performed instead of modeled because these black fashion shows are more about choreography than actual modeling. Its less about the clothes and more about doing handstands and back flips while giving FACE! Here are some pics…