Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lil Kim- My Favorite Pic

LIL KIM "I'm feeling real sexy and nasty"

tell em Kimberly cuz im ready for your nasty ass

EXCLUSIVE - Michael Jackson Last Rehearsal

Oh mike truly a great performance from a the GREATEST to ever do it a phenomenal man!

Michael Jackson-In the closet For Lenny

Pride 2009- fri

I'm going to have to break this down into multiple post because last weekend was off the damn chain. I'll start with Friday which I completely owe to my good friend William aka Champ. Who came up for the weekend. I'm so happy he got to see his idol Ms Brandy Norewood. Now I never thought brandy was a showstopper but she look great in person her body is on point and her personality was top notch just don't try to use the gay lingo B-Rocka be yourself that's why we love you! So I saw some old friends as well. I don't hold grudges but I also don't put myself in the position to get hurt. When I saw them it was all love even though I thought I would take it harder than that I believe I'm getting my jersey swag back. 4 years away from home alone had me stifled.


Once again thanks Champ! I got you next time! Pics below.


I think they are beautiful. Feelings are as infinite as our universe. Just imagine if we could calculate the distance from love to hate or from joy to depression and everything in between. And on top of that we must try to consolidate our own feelings with the next persons as if its normal. When I look around this little ass apartment and see how many people are crammed into this small space and we still have maintained this level of sanity I realize I witness a miracle every single day. Yea we fight, but shit whole galaxies collide and still keep it moving at the end of the day. Ya feel me?