Sunday, February 15, 2009

Too Funny!


Letoya- Not Anymore

This song is so HOT! I always root for the underdog and she is the definition of perseverance! They say the video is supposed to be pretty big budget and "movie-like" whatever that means I just want Toya to shit on all her haters she has the potential to be great.

Brandy-Warm it Up (With Love)

This is my favorite track off Brandy's Human album. It just makes me smile and brings me back to a certain place every time I'm down. This is a great song.

50 is Funny

50 cent is a funny dude i more than chuckled in this 90 sec slip. I think the Rihanna/Chris scene was a little insensitive,but i dont expecty that from him. Enjoy!

Strawberry Champagne

My cute lil Party...


How could someone that claim they love you,

Cheat on you?

Dump you?

Date the person they cheated on you with?

Habitually lie?

Take your money?

Take advantage?

Say they love you friday

Have sex with you Saturday

have orgy with strange old men Sunday?

Laugh about it!

and then shoot you a text saying "Happy Valentine's Day"?

Lawd have mercy

Sry Bout the Vids

I see some of these videos dont work whoops!