Sunday, March 15, 2009

Resident Evil 5/Street Fighter 4 Review

I guess this could be a Capcom review they have been on a roll lately with these 2 games.

Resident Evil 5

First up Resident Evil 5 which is just a stunner in every conceivable way. I am a big fan of its predecessor so there is biased but a good game is a good game. RE5 is set in Africa and the first thing you notice about the game is how beautiful it is. Every detail is there flies swarm around carcasses, sweat beads down brows, dirt even accumulates on the bottom of the Africans feet. It's a lot going on but u never feel out of control which is hard to do nowadays with everyone concerned with flash you forget about details and this game doesn't.

Street Fighter 4

Iono bout this game. It's growing on me. I usually love fighting games. This one isn't clicking with me at all. There is no pick up and play at all. It's pick up and get your ass kicked. Which would be great for a niche fighter but this is STREET FIGHTER everyone should enjoy this. Plus I own the game on the 360 so the controls seem to be off with the horrid d-pad. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who isn't prepared to be completely frustrated trying to figure the fighting system out.

My Spring Break

This will hopefully be my last spring break of my college career. I had fun I was sick most of it. I went on a few dates that mostly ended up well. How come the ones you like never like you? Ehh I take comfort in knowing that there is some parallel universe where I get to play them out, or I can wait a couple of months and do it myself. My mommy bought me a TV 32 inch flat. I don't know why but thanks ma you're the best! I have so much work to get done I'm slightly daunted but it always works out in my favor. I only have a lil over a month of Florida left so let the countdown begin!

Just Thoughts

I'm (3/8/2009) on the path (the train that runs from jersey to NYC) I haven't done this in a min. I'll be leaving fl in a few months and I'm really anxious to cone home. My friend Myya told me not to get "stuck" here. I was taken aback at first but I understood exactly what she meant it's so easy to get attached to places and things. Including people and that's when you get "stuck". I never been that kind of person and I don't think I ever will be. I'm nomadic with my only roots being family and they do an admiral job of keeping me grounded.‏