Friday, January 23, 2009

Wine and a Facial

Last night , put some sexy draws on, sip on this Yellowtail (redwine) and got to know myself lol... I played that new Avant its so good and it just sets the mood!

Here's a track its called Break Your Back

NEW Cassie- I'm a Lover

I have the biggest crush on this woman. I am a staunch believer that beauty is a talent and there is no denying that she is gorgeous! This song is so cute. Shes showing her personality and that goes long way, I hope with her new album she moves away from the barbie bubble gum vocals and just has fun! Music is fun! Anyway heres the link.

Taco Theory...

I have this theory that spanish people sprinkle E. coli on their food right before they put the Goya and fiesta seasoning on because I just ate Taco Bell and I have the extreme bubblies.

Taraji Better Win!

She is so talented to me and those cheeks! I love how she's always cheesing up inbetween Brad and Angelina! If Obama can do it, right? YES WE CAN!

Behind every great black man.... the devil SMH.


These are too pretty found them on a pretty cool site Special Delux link below...

Pussycat Dolls-BottlePop

This song is sloooooooooooooooooowly creeping up my playlist i always find myself humming to it lol. i think you need that simple bubblegum song every once in a while and this is filling that void for me.


I feel like every year I have some self realization and decide to commit to celibacy. The same thing happens every year, I tell people my goal, they laugh, I laugh and then I proceed to have sex. Now I fully believe in sexuality, sexual freedom, intercourse, one night stands, head in the bathroom, you know, whatever you do to get by in life, just stay protected. Sex becomes a problem when it interferes with your judgement and clouds your reasoning. I was dangerously close to that point this past few years, mistaking lust for love is a mistake that we all make too often. I aim to be sexually independent I would never decide to be fully celibate sex is just too good i mean apart of being human, but i will commit to me.