Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm slightly annoyed with everytthing right about now. How do you arrange a date for Friday to have it rescheduled for saturday and then u completely forget? Woosah! This is the text generation if you don't want to dobsonething shoot a text. 2nd if I say imma call you back and i forget please don't wait a week and hit me up askin why I didn't call that shit is creepy to me.
Ok I just have to yet this off my chest and I won't mention names out of respect for all parties. I was with this boy last summer and we had a pretty good relationship for about 2 months maybe a month and a half but we got close met his family he met mines. A good dude just a little young and maybe too exeprienced. Well we stopped talk due to multiple indiscretions on his part. I went back to school and we definently grew apart but kept in touch. A full year later we are back textin and stuff but he has a boyfriend and I don't know how to feel about that yet because a large part of doesn't care but a equally large part only remembers the good times not the blatant disrespect. Since I moved back home I don't really have friends since "The Incident". It can get lonely here but like my girl Shayla said "When it's time to go it's time to go" and I wouldn't trade a fresh start/new perspective for anything. It's a stipulation on what could be a good friendship.
I'm in the barber shop think bout my life LOL it's crowded in here so I have plenty of time. I haven't been posting this week because I've been looking for a job. This recession is no joke ya boy is broke like shattered glass with 7 years of bad luck. But I will keep push and punchin till I get hired somewhere doing somthing for somebody be their friends. I wish I didn't look a mess today because it's always this cute boy in here and he's so homo but his feet so small very rodent like. But I digress. I plan on taking my Lil cousin out and about today that should be fun she's so precious.

I'm also about to overhaul this whole blog thing. Something more agressive and grown I don't know where to take it but I will be taking it there. I plan on being something serious by the end of the summer.