Friday, May 15, 2009

Angel Down

am i the only one who didnt know farrah fawcett was dying? i swear i turn on the tv she in her death bed! thats so sad! and anal cancer. then i asked my mother how u get anal cancer and she sucked her teeth and said "u should kno".

Love Yourself!

From Lil Kim

I want to take a moment to talk to all young women about the four letter word…”LOVE”.

Not LOVE for money, not LOVE for sex, not even LOVE for a man or a woman, but LOVE for yourself! Sometimes we have the tendencies to look for LOVE in all the wrong places and seek acceptance to belong and fit in.

But the truth is that we must first LOVE ourselves. The most important thing is that once we LOVE ourselves we are capable and ready to LOVE others.

Till next time….
Honey Girl

Global Grind - LOVE YOURSELF...

Zune HD


TeamXbox has posted a story about the Zune HD, written this past January, using information going back to August 2008. The lengthy piece makes the Zune HD sound like an integration marvel -- something we're not exactly used to seeing from Redmond.

The Zune HD will allegedly be "a portable game console and media player," with the ability to link Microsoft's Skybox and integrate the current Zune and Xbox marketplaces. Something similar to the NXE will apparently function as the interface on the handheld. Zune HD will also allow users to play Xbox Live Arcade games either on their Xbox or on the handheld.

It all sounds so magical, Toto. When can we go to OZ?

[url=]Rumor: Zune HD is a 'digital entertainment handheld' that does ... everything[/url]
and the original article
[url=]Microsoft Working on Digital Entertainment Handheld - Xbox[/url]

i hope this is true because Zune shits on every multimedia device out right now except the iphone/itouch and i feel like they need competition