Saturday, February 28, 2009

FX09: Futuristic

Video from my Fashion Show!

I Also Play Videogames

I am I gamer! I do this with my free time I only on a 360 but I have a few games. I am eagerly awaiting Resident Evil 5 that is my next big purchase if you have XBL my gamer tag is J Robba! Hit me up!

NEW Ciara -Sex, Love and Magic

Poor CiCi she is really trying with this project Fantasy Ride. Every song i hear is hit or miss and sounds like "Goodies" or "Promise" or something inbetween. Here is her latest Sex, Love, and Magic featuring Justin Timberlake. If Janet beget Aaliyah and Aaliyah beget Ciara i feel really bad for every comes after Ciara because this is a mess to me! I love CiCi so much but wat is going on. She needs guidance!

NEW Jennifer Lopez - Hooked On You

J. Lo killed this song at first i hated it (the unmastered version
) but this shit knockes like a poor mans feedback but feedback was flawless in everyway. come back Jen we miss u!

Checkers Drive Thru

So my girls leave the club and they screaming like "I want a cheeseburger! Omg!" It's like 2am, so we end up at checkers in the drive thru. It's a big weekend at my school (FISS I'm not going to spell it out) so the line was supa crazy crowded tell me why we in the damn line for a good hour! I have never. But that sandwich so good it gave me the bubgublies but it was worth it!

Fashion X

So I think I'm a model! Not really, but I recently performed in a fashion show. Now I said performed instead of modeled because these black fashion shows are more about choreography than actual modeling. Its less about the clothes and more about doing handstands and back flips while giving FACE! Here are some pics…

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

I didn't watch. Ugh I know I don't watch anything but I don't see the appeal of award shows anymore. It's the same people getting nominated every year throw in a couple of ethnic nominees with a tribute to Meryl Streep and Beyonce (to attract the black women/gay men). I just don't see the point. I never even heard of half these movies and honestly none of them look that good. I haven't watched since the Halle won. Is that bad? No I just decided it isn't.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ryan Leslie NEW

1. Diamond Girl
2. Addiction (w/ Cassie & Fabolous)
3. You’re Fly
4. Quicksand
5. Valentine
6. Just Right
7. How It Was Supposed to Be
8. Irina
9. Out of the Blue
10. Shouldn’t Have to Wait
11. Wanna Be Good
12. Gibberish

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Dream Ft. Kanye West - Walking On The Moon

i like this song one of the better songs from The Dream's album. i even like Kanye auto-tuneless verse.

Museum Nights

In celebration of Black history month I went to a Museum on campus that's had a African bead exhibit. Very fascinating looking back at my culture an seeing how talented and valuable my history is. I encourage everyone to check out their local museum or African Heritage institute. BLACK LOVE!

Absolute Value

I'm helping these kids in Gainesville with their FCAT (Florida's standardized test.) My life from now on will be an absolute value! I'm going stay positive. For the love of the children!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

South African Idol Killing Me Softly The Remix

Watch your back Lauryn!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Too Funny!


Letoya- Not Anymore

This song is so HOT! I always root for the underdog and she is the definition of perseverance! They say the video is supposed to be pretty big budget and "movie-like" whatever that means I just want Toya to shit on all her haters she has the potential to be great.

Brandy-Warm it Up (With Love)

This is my favorite track off Brandy's Human album. It just makes me smile and brings me back to a certain place every time I'm down. This is a great song.

50 is Funny

50 cent is a funny dude i more than chuckled in this 90 sec slip. I think the Rihanna/Chris scene was a little insensitive,but i dont expecty that from him. Enjoy!

Strawberry Champagne

My cute lil Party...


How could someone that claim they love you,

Cheat on you?

Dump you?

Date the person they cheated on you with?

Habitually lie?

Take your money?

Take advantage?

Say they love you friday

Have sex with you Saturday

have orgy with strange old men Sunday?

Laugh about it!

and then shoot you a text saying "Happy Valentine's Day"?

Lawd have mercy

Sry Bout the Vids

I see some of these videos dont work whoops!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love songs-Song Cry

Love Songs- It's Not Right But It's Okay

Love Songs-Burn

Love Songs : Dont Mess With Me

A Love Letter

See I'm a brother/lover

Friend like no other

Ride out like Suzuki

And I thought this nigga knew me

I always knew he was a thief

Because every night I would sleep he took my body then my keys

Sped away while I laid

He would play while I prayed

And I never thought I would be here

Came for my throat but stabbed my back first

And when my knees buckled

Could have sworn this nigga chuckled

But you a coward you can't hurt me

And you will never have the power

You see you're like a child on tantrum

A slut on a strut

Because before you see me drop, I'll watch you self destruct

Strawberry Champagne

I'm throwing a party for the Valentine's Day losers lovers like me. Look forward to picas it should be cute if God wills it's so!

Issue #2: A Dirty House

Now my roommates are cool we never really had a problem but this shit has got to end… why my house got to look like this??? Why are we waiting for the damn wild life to wander in? It's becoming a habitat and it's sickening! I clean and clean but in 2 days (or the next day) it's back to the same shit! I'm not having it!

Happy Valentine’s Day

This is how I feel about Valentine's Day..

Lil' Kim in Los Angeles for Dancing with The Stars Event

She so damn pretty!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


No words needed...

Christinina Milian Covers KING

Christina demonstrates all her talent on the cover of the prestigious KING magazine say what you want but beauty is a talent.

Why Your Phone Will Never be Better than Mine

"The T-Mobile HTC G1 — the first phone to run Google's Android platform — may lack multi-touch capabilities because of an agreement with Apple.
VentureBeat's MG Siegler cites an anonymous Android team member, who said the G1's touchscreen isn't multi-touch because Apple asked Google not to implement it.
Why would Apple do such a thing? It's a feature that sets Apple's handset apart from its competitors, whose touchscreen phones can't detect simultaneous input like the iPhone's. It's the feature that enables that precious "pinching" gesture for zooming, which Apple is attempting to protect with its recently approved, 358-page iPhone patent.
So it's certainly believable that Google would obey a request from Apple. The two companies do, after all, have a pretty strong comradery that Google wouldn't wish to disturb. And it might have been wise for Google to comply, since tensions seem to be rising between Apple and Palm, whose new Palm Pre handset appears to mimic the iPhone's multi-touch screen.
Still, if the story about Google is true, it's a bit disturbing to believe Apple is powerful enough to cripple (i.e., limit the capabilities of) someone else's hardware and software in addition to its own."


Source: Apple asked Google not to use multi-touch in Android, and Google complied

Lil Kim Interview

Get em rigth Kim switch it up!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Presidential Press Conference

It was pretty good. I don't even like the man like that but he was regulating addressing the issues head on it give me inspiration. Who was the brother that asked the baseball question though? Like u can ask the King of the world anything and u ask him about Anthony Rodriguez? Is it me or were they going in on Obama and he wasn't having it! He was beating them down like Chris did RiRi

My 3 Children

I don't have a car or a lot of clothes (I'm actually a bum, shhh!) I just buy a lot of little expensive things my 3 favs…
My Phone!
My Zune


He Really Beat Her

Contusions! Bite marks! Devil horns!

Now I have never seen my mother get hit by a man I hope to God I never will, but its something very disturbing about watching a man pummel a woman. I never understood it. Women already go through so much and regardless the "reason" hitting her like that was so unnecessary. I feel like he's going to get away with this. Blacks are very forgiving (R. Kelly), I never really liked Chris Brown he looks like a pony and sings like seagull. However, he is very talented and its disappointing to look at such a talent fall from grace. I can just picture all the lil 8th graders that look up to him beating their girlfriends

Issue #1: Running that Trap

Iono what got into people minds lately, but I feel like everyone is just spewing rude ass, simple ass, loud ass comments to assert themselves or maybe because they feel like people won't say anything. I just cant stand when people talk!

Monica's Sounding a Mess

Lawdy. I love her tho

Monday, February 9, 2009

NEW Missy feat Teyana- Put it on You

Its ok...I'm not going to comment on the lesbianocity going on here but the song takes me back to the 2001 So..Addictive missy which is a really good look.

Get your Envelopes it’s time to Address the Haters

This week is all about speaking up on shit that's been bothering me for a while now. Little things, big things it don't matter I'm poppin off son! Stay tuned…

The only performance i was checking for...

she slayed!

Damn Eddie!

"An L.A. court ordered the 47-year-old funnyman to pay approximately $51,700 per month until Angel reaches 18 years old, which would total about $10.3 million."

Omg the uterus is like a pot of gold!

So I’m not Graduating…

…which has been bothering for a long time. I don't want to say I feel dumb, because I'm far from that. However I feel extremely disappointed in myself and I hate that feeling. It's the equivalent of being held back in my opnion. I'm assuming my whole family knows by now. After mom dukes know everyone know, ya know? But regardless Im going to K.I.M. I never stay down for long,its just something in me that never thinks a situation is that bad. As long as I have my family, my faith, and my lube ill be alright.

Lil Kim Dancing With Stars

Now I never watch this show…ever… I just don't get it, but if this woman is going to dance for me every week I wall watch call, vote, mail, cry when she gets kicked off everything I LOVE HER! Kimberly Jones can do no wrong in my eyes. I can't wait to see the outfits!

Chris Beating RiRi!

Them island girls don't play! I knew something was going down after the rumors of a breakup and the pictures of Chris over in the UK but why would you lay your hands on a woman? Especially the beautiful Rihanna. I bet her voice can get pretty annoying though especially if her arguing voice is anything like her singing voice. All I'm going to do is pray, because I know Beyonce is just on a yacht somewhere laughing and stealing someone writing a song about domestic violence.

Omg I Really Don’t Watch Tv

I had no interest in watching the Grammies last night. Maybe because they are always boring or because I'll know it will be all over youtube in like an hour. I just don't see the point. It's the same with movies especially since I installed Netflix (highly recommended). Like what is the point of television.

Black History Month

I don't know how to deal with this month. Blacks have come a long way in America. There has been much progression look at our president. However I still don't know how to feel about this "celebration". I'm black but I'm also a lot of other things. As I look back at the great accomplishments of our ancestors I realize that my actions and the seeds I plant today will influence a generation. We have been oppressed for so long and while I feel the weight I do not feel the pain of my ancestors. Which is a blessing and a curse, because once the pain is gone we can move forward, but without it how will we know severerity of slavery and racism? We come so far but we have a long way to go…which is fine because we K.I.M. keep it moving!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm rennovating the site (and my life) so bear with me. My goal is 100 post this month!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cam'Ron- I Hate My Job (Official Video)

Very cool song Cam may not be the best rapper but he raps with such conviction you can't helped but be entertained. I need a Killa Season 2 Cam!