Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accept the good
I don't know anything about addiction Kelly
Ugh Halle is killing in this movie. "It should have been you Jerry" how u gon tell somebody they should have died? With a straight face and mean it?
But right now bath and The Emacipation of Mimi!
The reason I'm watching the things we lost in the fire because the moral of the movie is embracing ALL our emotions whether they are god our bad they are ours and they need to be addressed. They took the long way to get to the point but you know how you can sit through the longest movie for that one amazing scene? The scene that ties the whole movie together and just isn't as good out of context? That's why I'm watching this movie I need to see this tonight.
I just didn't realize how sad I was until tonight. On the eve of my birthday I'm not were I thought I would be and I have no idea where I'm going as a man. And I dint want to burden my friends because everyone is out having fun so I'll burden my blog.
I'm feeling real Mariah "one and only-ish" I'm riding home in pain I just drove around for 2 good hours crying. It's raining here so the backdrop was perfect
Maybe it's a birthday depression but I'm bout to watch " The things we Lost in the Fire" people really slept on this movie Halle killed as usual and Del Toro or whatever his name is really shined his performance alone makes this movie amazing
Ugh I hate Lil Sam. He said all I talk about is boys and everytime I go out it's a date. Which is like 88% true. It's so bittersweet here and I hate complaining but I'm feel like I'm deteriorating into nothing. Right now I'm sitting in the car texting my blog a couple days before my birthday. I hope this vacation really helps I feel so unfocused now moreso than ever.
P.s. I hate my life
Why did people give Teairra Mari such a hard time? She's amazing! Pretty. Vocals. Beats. Lyrics. Her songs have this polish to them. I'm just being put on to this Roc-a-Fella presents album so I'm late but music is timeless and she is preaching.