Sunday, January 25, 2009

Funny Story

Ok so i was having lunch with a couple of friends. So somehow the topic got on pets. So my friend said "Yo, I want a chinchilla." Now its cold outside so im thinking she talking about a coat. Lol she like "No, not a coat the animal." So in my head I'm like there is no animal called chinchilla. So we going back and forth about this damn chinchilla. I always thought they called them coats chinchillas because your wear them when your CHIN CHILLA LMAO! Lo and behold there are little critters called chinchillas ha!

I love ignorance it makes the world go round!

I WANT IT!: Powerpuff Girls DVD, The Streak Gloves, and Vaio netbook

I usually want things in three's. Im not materialistic but I enjoy unwrapping things and popping tags. I feel like everyone should buy themselves something nice everyonce in a while we work hard we should take time to spoil ourselves.

The Powerpuff Girls: The Complete Series - 10th Anniversary Collection ...

The Streak Fingerless Gloves...
Vaio P netbook....

Why is no one talkin about Alicia being a home wrecking ho and stealin Mashonda man?! Omg I feel like everyone is perfectly fine with the entire scandal. First of all I feel bad for Mashonda because if a lesbian came and took my husband I'd be pissed! Keys has this image of regal perfection that is just absurd to me. Tsk Tsk to Swizz as well because this is the mother to several of your children and your running around beat boxing like its all good.

And if you dont know who Mashonda is she had that song...with that rapper...ehh nevermind!