Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dark Void

This game looks sickkk in so many different ways. i love games that show verticality. the character design is awsome and i can just imagine flying around the stage shooting people. too bad its been pushed back. :(

Put U On

I feel like these women get too much slack. Two of which have vocal ability while one has excellent production.
Ashanti- You're Gon Miss- One of her best songs on a criminally underrated album. This song is so breezy and direct. It reminds me of a snow cone. I was a fan before but I'd love to here more of this pop sound from her.
Teairra Mari- Diamondsft. Kanye----Screw Kanye for not doing this video with her. this would have been a perfect way to reintroduce herself. everyone that hears this song loves it. She glides across the track like butter.
Cassie-Activate- Im going to start off by saying beauty is a talent. Cassandra has that in spades its the only reason we tolerate her and why shes still around 3 years later. Cassie would be so huge if she was out in the 80's. i can see her as one of Prince girls. this song activate proves that she can make a compelling track even with thosee limited chords.


Out on the town

Me and my big Cuz out in the city. She's so damn pretty! We had so much fun! I HEART New York!

Me Trying the Cassie Look

Hahaha I'll try anything with my hair