Sunday, May 31, 2009

God is God and people are people

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stuck in jersey city traffic
Ugh Essex please come through. Goodluck to Zakee! I'm at bloomfield diner with my cousins it's pretty nice
Downtown nj
Joji LOL
Rip joni!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Umm y'all don't ask me for relationship advice cuz imma tell you to break up real talk
It was cute I guess
And he's late
On a date I guess I don't know how this will turn out cuz I have Lil interest and it's cold outside. He's a nice dude tho. A Lil short and funny looking. Funny looking is hot though. Right?
Ex'n out all my haters!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He's just not into you
Happy 21st Teryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My aunt got her braces off today! That's a good look that's what's I'm talking about! We all about change in 2009!
I think I need a life
Everybody said my german chocolate cake was nasty but it all gin and I only got 1 slice
Sigh...denied again. I really cannot wait to become an adult. I'm trying to start a new chapter but it's getting harder to turn the page. I will continue to stay positive (it's my new thing) it's kind of hard though. I feel like I'm being conditioned for disappointment. One foot at a time I guess.

I'm just going to go asleep

That new zune looks sick!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

QS you're a fucking idiot
Nix that video it's kinda sad
I just made this german chocolate cake it didn't turn out right but I'll be eating it all week so ITS WHATEVER!
I just got so sleepy! I've only been up for 4 hrs I need a job so bad. It's my auntie kathy bday so we cookin out even tho it's 50 degrees outside. I'm editing my ex drunk callin me it's so funny that'll be up later

Monday, May 25, 2009


This is a test

MDay Weekend!

On my way back from Baltimore! What an amazing weekend! Boys, food, and family! Friday I hung out with my best friend Kandon that's my nigga for life. Serious going on ten years I've seen a lot of people come and go but my dude been here for me. Saturday I went to a party with one of my ex's. I think we can be good friends though. He's a really good person. He is also young and a boy lol so we'll see how that will work out he also has a man! They look cute together. I also reconnected with "man down". No comment but I will say don't mix vodka with corona cuz u will get fucked up! Sunday I got home at 7am drunk and horny my moms come in like get dressed we going to Baltimore. I'm like ok. It's a beautiful city. But webwouldnt dare stray from the civilized section. As of this writing I'm on my way back home. Its a 3 he ride and I'm bout to go to sleep. I'm so thankful!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Aaliyah Read Between the lines

Aaliyah Read Between the lines

Brandy - 2nd thought (bonus track - Human 2008)

One of my all time favorite brandy songs. This song got me through so much last winter. She's really preaching on this track. Because sometimes you let people back in your life evenwhen they should have been gone.Sometimes you need that 2nd thought. BRAVO!


Sigh. Another day another boy. Why do the boys youre really interested in want nothing to do with you? I was feeling dude so much! But it's all good. The whole point of dating is identifying your self worth. I don't want to get caught up in this thing. Honestly a companion would be so nice right now. I guess i neef to take advantage of being single. I have so much growing to do. Being home should be very interesting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Pics!

Random Cravings

I want Cracker Jacks! Caramel covered popcorn with sweetened peanuts and wooden box flavor! I would kill a box right now…

Defense Mechanism?

Sooooooo I met this boy and he pretty cool. We talk often enough and I think we know enough about each other to form certain generalizations about each other's personalities. He believes that my "game" is a defense mechanism. I don't let boys get close. Which I've heard before, I just never thought it was so easily detectable. Whoops? I thought if this was a good or bad thing, if my offensive defense was actually harming me. I think in some ways it has but I also feel like it's very necessary. People, especially boys can be, cruel. I don't mean to sound sententious but why should I let anyone get close when 90% I end up hurt?


I haven't spoken to you in so long. I hope you're doing well and making it to all your classes ;). I see big things for you this summer you seem more focused than ever. I'm right behind you. I know you see all this Sasha Fierce info. This ho is everywhere ugh. But I know you love it. Well anyway hit me up! Love you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Angel Down

am i the only one who didnt know farrah fawcett was dying? i swear i turn on the tv she in her death bed! thats so sad! and anal cancer. then i asked my mother how u get anal cancer and she sucked her teeth and said "u should kno".

Love Yourself!

From Lil Kim

I want to take a moment to talk to all young women about the four letter word…”LOVE”.

Not LOVE for money, not LOVE for sex, not even LOVE for a man or a woman, but LOVE for yourself! Sometimes we have the tendencies to look for LOVE in all the wrong places and seek acceptance to belong and fit in.

But the truth is that we must first LOVE ourselves. The most important thing is that once we LOVE ourselves we are capable and ready to LOVE others.

Till next time….
Honey Girl

Global Grind - LOVE YOURSELF...

Zune HD


TeamXbox has posted a story about the Zune HD, written this past January, using information going back to August 2008. The lengthy piece makes the Zune HD sound like an integration marvel -- something we're not exactly used to seeing from Redmond.

The Zune HD will allegedly be "a portable game console and media player," with the ability to link Microsoft's Skybox and integrate the current Zune and Xbox marketplaces. Something similar to the NXE will apparently function as the interface on the handheld. Zune HD will also allow users to play Xbox Live Arcade games either on their Xbox or on the handheld.

It all sounds so magical, Toto. When can we go to OZ?

[url=]Rumor: Zune HD is a 'digital entertainment handheld' that does ... everything[/url]
and the original article
[url=]Microsoft Working on Digital Entertainment Handheld - Xbox[/url]

i hope this is true because Zune shits on every multimedia device out right now except the iphone/itouch and i feel like they need competition

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grad "Pop Champagne"

im sooo mad that champagne aint pop!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Xbox e3 News*


taken from

Game Fork (GameFork) on Twitter

-Is pixel-blurred and gob smacked. APB could well be a GTA killer. MS is about to stun E3 with their lineup... Aah wel. back to gang design!!

-MS E3 big drops. Xbox Fluid - New Motion camera! Splinter Cell Conviction Halo ODST Alan Wake APB Metal Gear Solid 4 + Oxide (Show Finale)

-Yes. Metal gear solid + Oxide is one title.

-For the questions about MGS+O being show finale: Konami will announce a 360 exclusive (NOBODY outside of Kon has been told what this is)...

-.. After that they announce MGS4+O as a 360 exclusive. MS have also cut LostPlan2, AssCreed2, Bioshock 2, GTA.BAAFLC, to 3 min slots.

-E3: The Molyneux / Lionhead project "Richter" will show at E3. In fact, it will open it After Progress/xbla titles are shown


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Why do people take explicit shots of themselves? I never understood. And even if it was still exhibition why would u send said shots to a significant other? I just deleted all my shits because I would hate to be "expose" even though I have a nice body and it wouldn't hurt my "image" lol. Jp keep your clothes on people!

No matter what people say!

No matter what people say
We got it going on
Who cares about what they think
(Won't you come and)
We are the number one
(Come and show me how you do that baby)
No matter what people say
We got it going on
Who cares about what they think
(Shake your body to the rhythm)
We are the number one
(If it drives you crazy)

Everywhere I go red carpet
Gave the keys to valet tell 'em to park it
Then I jumps out the Azure, a Lil' Kim aura
Girls making faces like Ace Ventura
And my B-A-D G-I-R-L-S is in the stretch LX
Ain't shit you can tell us
Even got some of these niggas jealous
But tonight ain't about the fellas
Bvlgari perfume from a mile ya smell us
Model agencies say it's easy to sell us
We got sex appeal, I'mma keep it real
If I didn't have a deal I'd still be worth a mill', uh
Depending on how I feel I might go on a heist
So at my wedding I can throw ice instead of throwing rice
We fly like kites never gettin' into fights
I got a whole bunch of dikes on ninja bikes

[Repeat 1]

[Lil' Kim]
I'm just trying to be me
Doing what I got to do
So why y'all keep hating on me and my crew

[Lil' Caesar]
Yo I'm saying Q.B.
Look at them and look at you

[Lil' Kim]
If I was you I'd hate me too
Louis Vuitton shoes and a whole lot of booze
Every other week a different a dude and other crews
I make offers nobody can refuse
You might even see me on the channel nine news
I get paid just for laying in the shade
To take pictures with a glass of lemonade
My rocks shine like it was dipped in Cascade
(Uh-uh, Kim been fly since she was in the fifth grade)
Wake up in the morning to breakfast from a maid
Wanted me so bad you went and copped the bootleg
Y'all niggas played like a high top fade
Some of the shit I hear I don't know how it got played
Y'all rock Versace and y'all went out and bought it
I rock Versace and y'all know I ain't paid for it
My fam deep with security in the jeep
When the Queen come in town everything shut down

[Repeat 1]

Breakdown, uh
Let's dance come on
Let's dance come on
I see you let's go
Yeah, Queen Bee, do it like this

[Lil' Kim]
I'm the highest, your highest title, numero uno
I'm not a Puerto Rican but I'm speakin so that 'ju know
[*Rakim* "This is how it should be done..
cause this style, is indentical to none"]
The hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie
to the hip hip-hop a ya don't stop
to rock it to the bang-bang boogie
to up jump the boogie
to the boogie to the boogedy beat
Now what you hear is not a fake
It's the real Lil' Kim, Queen Bee (That's right)
Now I know y'all heard other females rap
But they ain't got nothin on me
Cause, y'all take to my rap cause my rap's the best
A hundred and fifty thou, sixteen bars nothin less (Nothin less)
So to y'all haters, I paid y'all no mind
In fact I'ma give it to y'all one more time like..

Uh yeah, what?
Come on, bounce, what?

Summer Music: Fantasy Ride

I'm so feeling this Ciara Fantasy Ride. It's by no means a classic but its up-tempo and she is aiming straight for the club with this disc. It's a great album to just put in the car and ride out. There isn't really progression with this disc but she is on to something. Especially the Dream tracks good job CiCi!

I’ve been gone for a Minute…

So what have I been doing?

  • Finals 3.1 for the semester yay!
  • Moving I'm transferring back home so I moved from Florida to Jersey
  • Getting it crackin. ALWAYS
  • Arranging my life here I want a internship for the summer and a job summer school start in JULY
  • Finding my place back home so much has changed but that's fine!
  • Banging this White Castle pork sandwiches
  • Relaxing

What are your summer plans?

Happy Mother’s Day

God Bless all the mothers out there. I couldn't fathom having that type of responsibility I can barely maintain my own life and my mom's taking care of a whole family. Truly amazing. I love you mommy with all my heart! There's no one like you! IM GOING TO MAKE YOU PROUD!



Monday, May 4, 2009

Lil Kim- Download VIDEO


I am a 23 year old actor trying to do my thing, but I’m also a lover or all things entertainment, music, movies, books, and TV, so I thought I'd start making my own movie reviews since I’m a plethora of entertainment knowledge and a lot of times I disagree with the current movie critics. So i figured I would create something for people like me.