Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Believe

Oh Whitney she gave me everything I need this week. I enjoyed that interview so much that I had to dig deep in my collection for a lost jewel of music The Preachers Wife Soundtrack. Oh how the angels sing! And Whitney's voice is truly angelic. Her voice carries this album to dizzying heights that seem to transcend its gospel roots into and all around inspiration. I feel myself drifting away from religion lately. I don't know why. I know I believe but I also know that because of the way I was born my seat in heaven isn't guaranteed. However, this album has me believing again. Not just in God but in myself and in love. Songs like "You are loved" reinforces themes self love while also reminding me of the love that surrounds me. "I Go to the Rock" this song takes me straight to church! She should have gotten her voice insured because the way she this song she could convert bin Laden. I also love how it's not just a Gospel CD but an RnB CD. Songs like "I Believe in You and Me "and "My Heart is calling" give strong baby making vibes. I just have nothing but high regards for this CD. I remember my mother playing this around the house back when I was just a kid. It resonated with me then and it resonates today

Me and Alfie

I'm going g to try and post more regularly. I'm back in school and its full swing I'm in the library now just finishing some homework. I know nobody reads my blog but if you do read it please don't be offended. These are my thoughts and feelings I could never put a lid on them they are out of my control and all my own. This is my baby! Me and Alfie go hard!


So enjoy!