Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Pics!

Random Cravings

I want Cracker Jacks! Caramel covered popcorn with sweetened peanuts and wooden box flavor! I would kill a box right now…

Defense Mechanism?

Sooooooo I met this boy and he pretty cool. We talk often enough and I think we know enough about each other to form certain generalizations about each other's personalities. He believes that my "game" is a defense mechanism. I don't let boys get close. Which I've heard before, I just never thought it was so easily detectable. Whoops? I thought if this was a good or bad thing, if my offensive defense was actually harming me. I think in some ways it has but I also feel like it's very necessary. People, especially boys can be, cruel. I don't mean to sound sententious but why should I let anyone get close when 90% I end up hurt?


I haven't spoken to you in so long. I hope you're doing well and making it to all your classes ;). I see big things for you this summer you seem more focused than ever. I'm right behind you. I know you see all this Sasha Fierce info. This ho is everywhere ugh. But I know you love it. Well anyway hit me up! Love you!