Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New PSP Colors

Sony is releasing some new candy painted "Carnival" colors for the PSP...

I likes, but i would never own another PSP they are trash. However, I feel like PSP 2 is goin to shit on everything Sony learns from its mistakes and PSP was a good first step.

Tyler Perry is a FOOL!

Now I can't stand Medea and her chitlin lovin' adventures, but when I saw this poster for the movie I couldn't stop laughin. This has got to be the funniest shit of the year! Kudos to Tyler! Trannies are taking over :-

I Have this Recurring Dream....

...where I am stuck in a wall and cannot move. I can feel the wall breaking because it feels like a cheap material, but for some reason I cant break it myself. I feel like dreams are illogical, but they are the ultimate truth because its the only thing about your mind that you have no control over. You cannot lie to yourself in a dream, its a mix of fear and desire. I don't know what this dream means. Maybe I was hungry or horny, but I'm bout to open up my mind and find out because I don't like the feeling of being stuck or placed in a box.

Happy Birthday!

A couple of loved ones have a birthday coming up.

First up is my beautiful little cousin Kimori she's turing 1! Love you KLAW!

Second one of my besties, Deon! Celebrating his 22nd. I'll see you this weekend!

Love you!

Coming Soon!

I haven't seen a good movie in a long time. While I think movies are in a better state than, lets say, the music industry i feel like movies have become glorified music videos. This blog is the beginning check for my feature length debut and album coming soon, but until then here are some of my most anticipated movies for the year.


Without a doubt the action movie of the year for me. i love the X-men and while wolverine may not be my favorite the trailer looks amazing.


I have no idea what this movie is about but if the team behind 300 is behind it it should be a pretty interesting film to say the least

Where the Wild Things Are

Remember this children's book with all those ugly monsters? I remember that book for its art and just striking almost disturbing images of monsters that populate this island. THIS MOVIE LOOKS SICK they nailed every detail you don't get movies like this too often especially children's movies.

Chun Li

Shes just bad bitch.

I'm sure there are more but this is it for now. what are you looking forward to? Check out this cool website

Shout out to Darlene!