Friday, February 13, 2009

Love songs-Song Cry

Love Songs- It's Not Right But It's Okay

Love Songs-Burn

Love Songs : Dont Mess With Me

A Love Letter

See I'm a brother/lover

Friend like no other

Ride out like Suzuki

And I thought this nigga knew me

I always knew he was a thief

Because every night I would sleep he took my body then my keys

Sped away while I laid

He would play while I prayed

And I never thought I would be here

Came for my throat but stabbed my back first

And when my knees buckled

Could have sworn this nigga chuckled

But you a coward you can't hurt me

And you will never have the power

You see you're like a child on tantrum

A slut on a strut

Because before you see me drop, I'll watch you self destruct

Strawberry Champagne

I'm throwing a party for the Valentine's Day losers lovers like me. Look forward to picas it should be cute if God wills it's so!

Issue #2: A Dirty House

Now my roommates are cool we never really had a problem but this shit has got to end… why my house got to look like this??? Why are we waiting for the damn wild life to wander in? It's becoming a habitat and it's sickening! I clean and clean but in 2 days (or the next day) it's back to the same shit! I'm not having it!

Happy Valentine’s Day

This is how I feel about Valentine's Day..

Lil' Kim in Los Angeles for Dancing with The Stars Event

She so damn pretty!