Sunday, November 1, 2009

Emmet Till

XYZ Nathaniel, your gay is showing.

Yes, I threw a stone at your glass closet. No "fag" is trembling at your petty scare tactics Nathaniel. I did not even mention your name, yet you are the one to take offense. SMH. I understand what it's like to be a gay man living on the DL.

I know it hurts.

You see I do not fear you, you fear me! Look how you tremble and madly pound on the keyboard typing your remedial nonsense. That gay spirit is so strong and fighting it will only feed that rage and frustration you have built up inside. Your delusion went as far as to resurrect the tragic, legendary, and ICONIC Emmett Till. Do you even know who Emmett Till is? Do you realize he died so you can walk with your head high? You fool. It's blasphemy.

First you disrespect dark-skinned women (and you don't even like girls!) then you threaten "faggots" with death using one of Americas greatest icons. The gall! Where is your shame? Whoops, I know, you left it deep in the closet with the rest of your integrity.

I'm not even going to mention your dates with Angelo, and me dropping the 2 of you off at your dorm. I won't do that because this isn't about me. This is about all the little gay boys who ARE afraid of people like you. If you hate yourself so much that you want to kill me by all means do! GAY IS THE NEW BLACK!!! I'll be your Emmett Till because if I have to die to shed light on your homophobic ignorance then so be it.

We are family like it or not.

The only thing I am upset about is that the video and its subsequent comments were removed. The world needs to see how dangerous and powerful homophobia truly is. This is the type of rage and fear that we live with everyday. How could anyone condone (and yes people did agree with him) such bigotry?


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